Starting a business in Poland

We offer comprehensive legal services to foreign entities planning to start a business in Poland. We listen carefully to the Clients as they explain their needs and business plans.

  • We identify the legal requirements and regulatory limitations related to a foreign entity starting business operations in Poland.
  • We propose a legal form and structure that will be optimum in terms of organization and cost-effective.
  • We assist in incorporating companies (including by electronic means, following the S24 procedure) and then expanding or modifying the capital structure.
  • We provide support in completing registration formalities before the registry court (proceedings for registration with the National Court Register).
  • We help our Clients to react flexibly to the changing legal environment and adapt their business framework to new legal requirements.
  • We also offer shelf companies (limited partnerships and private limited companies) that are not active and can be used as a vehicle to commence business operations in Poland, omitting the stage of incorporating a new company or partnership from the scratch.
  • We support our Clients in handling secondary formalities related to starting a business in Poland: finding an office and an accountant, opening a bank account, filing tax returns, and obtaining the necessary permissions, licenses, and concessions.
  • We assist in recruiting employees (including advisory in terms of and drafting employee contracts).
  • We help draft and negotiate investment agreements related to obtaining external financing (e.g. investment funds, venture capital funds, business angels, etc).
  • We also provide legal services in terms of relocating personnel to Poland in connection with starting or expanding a business there (work and residence permits, visas, etc).


Łukasz Wieczorek:
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