Privacy policy

This document contains information concerning our processing of your personal data when:

  • you visit the website (including each of its sub-pages, collectively: the “Website”);
  • contact us, including via the contact form available on the Website, personally, by telephone, via regular mail, or by e-mail.
  1. Data controller

1.1. The controller of your personal data processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy is Konieczny, Wierzbicki Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska of Kraków, ul. Kącik 4, 30-549, Kraków, entered under number 0000529212 into the Register of Businesses, a part of the National Court Register (the “Controller” or the “Law Firm”).

1.2. With respect to the processing of your personal data, you may contact us via regular e-mail, personally, at ul. Kącik 4, 30-549 Kraków, by telephone at (0048) 12 395 71 61, or by e-mail at

  1. Purposes and legal bases of processing

2.1. Your personal data we receive in the cases covered by this Privacy Policy will be processed for the following purposes:

  • replying to the messages we receive via contact forms and the messages sent to our contact data—on the basis of our legitimate interest as a data controller;
  • performing the obligations of the Law Firm and the particular attorneys-at-law providing services through the Law Firm—on the basis of national and EU regulations imposing such obligations, including regulations concerning the provision of services by attorneys-at-law and their duties vis-a-vis clients, their professional association, and public authorities;
  • analyzing the use of the Website and improving its functioning and security—on the basis of our legitimate interest as a data controller;
  • exercising and defending claims before courts and administrative authorities and outside of them—on the basis of our legitimate interest as a data controller;
  • direct marketing of products and services (including by means of sending newsletters)—on the basis of our legitimate interest in the case where there is a business relationship between us, and if we are only about to establish such a relationship, then on the basis of your consent (for a time not longer than until you have withdrawn this consent);
  • archiving data and creating back-up copies—in connection with the obligation to ensure proper data protection imposed on us as a data controller and on the basis of our legitimate interest as a data controller.
  1. Data processed for the purpose of contact—scope of processing

If you decide to contact us via the contact form available on the Website, the e-mail addresses or telephone numbers provided, traditionally, by regular mail, or personally, as well as in the cases where we have the right to contact you (e.g. for marketing purposes or when you are a client of the Law Firm), we will process the personal data you provide us with, the personal data that is necessary to reply to your message (including identification and contact data, as well as the IP address if you use the contact form available on the Website), and the personal data we have received in connection with the relationship between us or collected from generally available sources. We will process this data because it is necessary to carry out the obligations following from the above regulations or to pursue the Law Firm’s legitimate interests, i.e. in order to:

  • reply to the message you have sent us and continue the communication with you;
  • carry out direct marketing of both our and third party products and services;
  • archive data and create back-up copies in connection with the obligation to properly secure data that has been imposed on us as a data controller.
  1. Data processed in connection with the use of the Website—scope of processing

When you use the Website, we save data such as your IP address, type and version of your device and web browser, your decisions with respect to cookies, and the way in which you use the Website. In most cases, we will not be able to identify you as a user and this data will be anonymous to us. However, if we are able to associate this data with you, which may occur when we are in possession of additional data from another source (e.g. if we save such data when you contact us via the contact form available on the Website), this data may become your personal data for us. We will process this data because it is necessary for the purposes following from our legitimate interests, including but not limited to:

  1. adjusting the way in which the Website is displayed and personalizing it;
  2. saving data from forms in order to continue the session and facilitate the use of the Website;
  3. analyzing the traffic on the Website in order to improve its functioning and prevent abuse.
  4. Data retention period

Your personal data will be processed:

  • for the purpose of contacting you—from the moment of its collection until correspondence is finished with respect to the case about which you contacted us;
  • for marketing purposes—for the duration of the relationship between us or until you have withdrawn your consent (if you had first expressed such consent);
  • for the purpose of exercising and defending claims—for a period until the prescription periods have lapsed for these claims;
  • for the purpose of performing the obligations imposed in legal regulations—for a period not longer than the time necessary to demonstrate that these obligations have been carried out by the Law Firm in a correct manner;
  • for the purpose of improving the functioning and security of the website—for the time this data is necessary for this purpose;
  • for the purpose of archiving data and creating back-up copies—for the period determined in accordance with the policy of archiving data and creating back-up copies that is in force at the Law Firm;

However, in each individual case, we will process your personal data not longer than until you have effectively objected to such processing (if processing is based on our legitimate interest) or until you have withdrawn your consent (if processing is based on consent).

  1. Data recipients

We will exercise due diligence in selecting the entities with which we share your data and we will require them to protect your data using the relevant technical and organizational measures. Your personal data may be shared with:

  • third parties providing us with services that are necessary to achieve the purposes for which we process your data (e.g. IT, recruitment, accounting, electronic communication, and data hosting services);
  • entities affiliates with the Law Firm, including but not limited to the partners of Konieczny, Wierzbicki Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Sp. p.;
  • recipients to which data has to be disclosed under the relevant legal regulations or a decision of a court or other authorities;
  • other recipients, if you consent to sharing your data with them or if sharing your data with them is necessary to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of other entities.
  1. Transferring of data to third countries

In each individual case when your personal data is transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), to a country that does not guarantee the same or an adequate level of personal data protection that follows from the legal regulations in force in Poland, we will make sure that this is done on a valid legal basis and with the legally required security measures employed.

  1. Links to third party websites

The Website contains links to third party websites. The persons visiting these websites are covered with personal data processing principles different from those outlined in this document; the controller of the data processed there is also different. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the personal data processing principles published by the administrators of these websites.

  1. Social media plugins

The Website contains social media plugins. When you use the Website, the IP address of your website and the ID of your browser are shared with the providers of these social media. Thanks to this integration, service providers receive information that your browser has displayed the Website, even if you do not have a profile with the given service provider or are currently not logged in to your social media account. Clicking on a social media plugin additionally establishes a direct connection with the servers of the providers of these media, which may collect other data from your device. Please note that we have no control over which data is collected by social media providers once you have clicked on their plugin. More information about the purpose and scope of the data collected by these entities and about the processing, use, and protection of your personal data by them, as well as your related rights and options in terms of privacy protection, is available at:

  1. Your rights

You can contact us with respect to each of the following rights, in particular by means of the contact data specified in section 1 of this Privacy Policy. You have the following rights:

  • The right to receive information and to access your data and receive copies of it. At any time, you have the right to demand that we provide you with information concerning your personal data we store or have access to. At your demand, a copy of your personal data covered with processing will be provided to you free of charge. We have the right to charge fees for subsequent copies of data; these fees cover the reasonable costs of complying with your demand.
  • The right to withdraw consent.  Every time your data is processed on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time; however, withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing based on consent before its withdrawal.
  • The right to rectification. We make reasonable efforts in order to ensure that your personal data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. If it is necessary to modify this data, please let us know.
  • The right to data portability. You have the right to demand that your data is transmitted, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, to another data controller if the basis for the processing of your personal data is your consent.
  • The right to erasure of data and restriction of processing. In the cases specified in personal data protection regulations, you have the right to demand that your personal data is erased. However, this is not an absolute right—there may be cases where we will continue to be authorized to process your personal data. You may also request that the processing of your personal data is restricted.
  • The right to object to processing. In the cases specified in the relevant legal regulations, you have the right to object to further processing of your personal data if the basis for processing is our legitimate interest.
  • The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. You have the right to file a complaint with the personal data protection supervisory authority. In general, this will be the President of the Polish Personal Data Protection Office.

Please note that in some cases exercising the above rights may not be possible, in particular in the case where personal data is collected and processed by an attorney-at-law in connection with the provision of legal assistance or in connection with the obligation of attorneys-at-law to maintain professional confidence.

  1. Policy in respect of cookies and other similar technologies

The Website uses cookies (small text files placed by the Website on your device) and other similar technologies (including tools offered by Google Inc., i.e. Google Analytics).

The Website uses the said tools for various purposes, including:

  • to the extent necessary for its functioning, i.e. in order to adjust the way in which the Website is displayed to the devices, softwares, and preferences of users and their settings;
  • beyond the necessary extent, i.e. in order to monitor and analyze the way in which users use the Website and to improve its functioning.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • analytical cookies that investigate user behavior on the Website;
  • functional cookies that allow for remembering the user’s settings and personalization (e.g. in terms of the selected language or the acceptance of cookie settings);
  • third party cookies—cookies of third parties, including Google Inc and social media providers whose plugins are implemented on the Website, may also be stored on your device.

Cookies and the other tools used by us are not utilized in order to process or store personal data and, by definition, are not intended do directly identify users. Also, they do not modify the settings of your browser and do not change the configuration of your device. The exceptional cases where the data collected by means of cookies may be classified as your personal data, as well as your related rights, are described in the relevant section of this Privacy Policy.

How to disable cookies

When entering our website, you have the option to agree to storing cookies for purposes other than necessary for the Website to function. Even if you have already agreed, you can use the options described below.

Every user may disable cookies in their browser. In order to help you manage cookies, below are links to the websites of some browsers.

Users may also set their browser in such a way that cookies have to be accepted in each individual case. This means that before granting access to cookies, your browser will always ask you for consent to such access.

You may disable the transfer of your data for analytical and statistical purposes pursued by means of Google Analytics. To do this, you need to install a browser extension in accordance with the instructions available at

Let us know about your preferences with respect to cookies. If you agree to optional cookies, please click “OK” and if you agree only to the necessary cookies, please click “Only the necessary cookies.”


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