Our Law Firm specializes in carrying out changes to the structures of commercial companies, including by selling, buying, merging, and acquiring companies Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling even the most complex merger transactions, including transactions involving public companies and trans-border mergers, all of which have been completed successfully.

We provide advisory in terms of developing an optimum concept of implementing the planned changes, evaluating the potential risks (including tax risks) and the nature of the market on which the Client operates, and preparing the entire process of carrying out the planned M&A transaction.

At each stage of the planned process, we guarantee support with respect to all of the Client’s needs, not only in terms of handling the process itself, but also from the point of view of the Client’s obligations as an employer and a reliable business partner.


  • We advise on developing strategies in terms of making changes, taking into account tax regulations and the regulations in force in foreign jurisdictions.
  • We carry out due diligence analyses and produce reports on audits of enterprises.
  • We design and support, in the legal aspect, transactions of selling enterprises and shares in companies.
  • We analyze the risks related to the planned transactions.
  • We draft information memorandums.
  • We support our Clients in carrying out valuations.


Michał Konieczny:
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