Starting a business abroad

We provide advisory in terms of planning and starting a business abroad: in other EU Member States and in the USA. We diagnose the legal risks and analyze the formal limitations related to operating in another country and identify the costs and the time horizon for starting a business abroad. We offer support in choosing the optimum legal form for operating a business, the place of incorporating it, and the configuration of the economic structure. We assist in drafting documents and establishing companies and point out the necessary export, tax, administrative, and employee-related formalities related to starting a business abroad.

  • We assist in preparing optimum contract templates for use abroad.
  • We advise on how to safeguard intellectual property rights (trademarks, economic copyrights, etc).
  • We support our Clients in safeguarding the interests of shareholders holding shares in foreign companies.
  • We draft and negotiate investment agreements related to obtaining external financing (e.g. investment funds, venture capital funds, business angels, etc).
  • We offer legal support in terms of relocating personnel abroad (obtaining visas and work permits).


Łukasz Wieczorek:
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