Services for property developers

Our Law Firm provides day-to-day services to investors, property development companies, and other entities operating on the real property market, ensuring legal support at all stages of the investment process. We identify the potential risks related to particular projects or properties, handle the investment process from the legal point of view (including administrative proceedings related to planning decisions), and provide services at the stage of commercializing the project.

  • We provide the full scope of services in terms of the investment process, from selecting and purchasing the property to obtaining an occupancy permit and selling or commercializing the project.
  • As advise with respect to planning project implementation and the financing structure, drafting and negotiating investment agreements and cooperation agreements and suggesting the optimum type of company or partnership to carry out the project.
  • We support investors in obtaining financing for their projects.
  • We assist in organizing the investment process by drafting, evaluating, and negotiating agreements for the completion of construction works, agreements with general contractors and subcontractors, agreements for acting as a substitute investor, agreements with architects and designers, and agreements with providers of utilities and road administrators.
  • We represent property developers and investors in administrative proceedings, both at the stage of project preparation and the construction process. We handle the legal aspects of proceedings concerning planning permissions and construction permits.
  • We evaluate and draft information documents, reservation agreements, property development agreements, and agreements of sale.
  • We draft and negotiate rental and lease agreements concerning apartments, commercial and office space, and other types of real property.


Łukasz Łanoszka:
phone: +48 798 459 714

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