Relocations and visas

We offer comprehensive support to business entities in terms of work and residence permits for the employees and other personnel members (relocations). We advise on relocating employees both to Poland and to other countries (other EU Member States and the USA). We carry out analyses and present our Clients with the most effective or the quickest forms of employing foreigners in Poland. We handle administrative proceedings concerning work and residence permits for the personnel relocated to Poland, including their families. We have practical experience and knowledge of the procedures used by the Polish immigration authorities (including local authorities and job agencies).


  • We support our clients in obtaining residence permits in connection with operating a business in Poland.
  • We help obtain or transfer work and residence permits (unified permits) and permits to perform a profession requiring high qualifications (blue cards).
  • We register representations on the intention to entrust work.
  • We offer support in the process of relocating employees to work in other EU Member States and in the USA. As part of this support, we analyze local procedures and the requirements specified in the immigration and labor regulations, help choose the optimum type of US employee visas (E1, H1B, B1 in lieu of H1B, blanket visa), and provide assistance in drafting the necessary documents and visa applications.
  • We organize seminars and lectures and publish articles concerning relocation and immigration law.


Łukasz Wieczorek:
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