Central Register of Beneficial Owners

Detailed analyses of a company’s corporate structure and identifying beneficial owners. Support at every stage of the CRBR application process.

Paulina Opiełka
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Paulina Opiełka
Paulina Opiełka
+ 48 511 458 139

Commercial law companies are required to submit an application to the Central Register of Beneficial Owners (CRBR), in which they must provide the company’s basic identification data as well as the data of its beneficial owners, i.e. those natural persons exercising direct or indirect control over the company.

Why must a company be registered in the CRBR?

The purpose of disclosing data in the registry is to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism by making it impossible for someone to hide their identity in a complex corporate structure. The register is accessible to the public at https://crbr.podatki.gov.pl/.

How to submit an application to the CRBR?

The application itself to the CRBR must be submitted by persons authorized to represent the company independently, using a qualified electronic signature or a trusted ePUAP profile. The disclosure of false information, in particular the failure to correctly indicate the beneficial owner, may result in criminal liability.


Our law firm ensures our clients the following:

  • we analyse the company’s corporate structure and identify beneficial owners;
  • we prepare the application form for the CRBR in xml format;
  • we provide detailed instructions on how to submit an electronic application and ongoing support during the application process.

An additional benefit of performing an analysis of a company’s corporate structure is that it provides an opportunity to identify personal and corporate relationships, important, among other things, when determining the status of an SME in an application for public aid as well as in relation to a company’s day-to-day operations (e.g. for the purposes of contacting banks, capital market institutions, performing certain notarial activities, etc.).

Newly established companies are required to submit an application to the CBRB within 7 days of their entry in the National Court Register. The same deadline applies when changes are made in the data of the beneficial owners


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