Litigation and disputes

We represent our Clients both in cases that are handled through negotiations and in all kinds of court, administrative, mediation, and arbitration proceedings. We handle litigation and non-litigation proceedings, including registration proceedings.

  • We assist in completing registration procedures and filing applications concerning intellectual property rights.
  • We draft analyses and opinions in terms of legal compliance of particular methods of using someone else’s creative output, we audit the ways of using the elements shared under open source, free software, creative commons, and other licenses.
  • We negotiate in disputes concerning intellectual property and draft understandings and settlements regulating the mutual relations in terms of using intangible assets.
  • We represent our Clients in court litigation and advise them on the optimum strategy in terms of protection against violations and potential claims from third parties.


Barbara Miziołek:
phone: +48 12 395 71 61 wew.107

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