Agreements in international trade

We provide comprehensive legal services in terms of drafting, analyzing, and negotiating agreements in international trade. We suggest the optimum solutions to our Clients and make them aware of the legal risks related to the particular clauses and legal concepts.

We provide day-to-day services to a number of Clients operating internationally. We have solid experience in working on contracts involving more than one legal system. In particular, we are well-versed in the specifics of common law contracts. We have knowledge of the market standards and the practical issues related to drafting contracts under the laws of England and Wales and the USA.

  • We draft and consult international trade contracts, e.g. for Clients operating in the IT sector (implementation agreements, license agreements, support and maintenance agreements, etc.), the FinTech sector, the games industry, and the hotel industry.
  • We organize seminars and lectures on contracts in trans-border trade.


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