Areas of Expertise

We believe that the costs of legal services need not be substantial and that a lawyer should be consulted prior to any major business decision, as well as in the course of everyday operations of an enterprise. This is why we offer both regular legal services and the ability to work on single transactions for the Client.

The Law Firm provides services to Clients based in various areas of Poland, as well as to international Clients, offering legal services in English.

Ongoing legal advisory for enterprises

  • Drafting and analyzing agreements, representations, and corporate documents, including bylaws and internal procedures,
  • Recommendations in terms of legal aspects of actions that are planned or being taken,
  • Support in terms of employment issues, intellectual property, personal data protection, and other issues related to the Client’s operations,
  • Support in negotiating various types of revenue- and cost-related agreements,
  • Services for the governing bodies of companies.

Real property and construction law

  • Real property due diligence
  • Comprehensive services in terms of transactions of acquisition and disposal of real property, negotiating agreements, analyzing tax aspects of transactions;
  • Comprehensive, ongoing services for property developers, both in the housing and commercial sectors,
  • Full legal services for the construction investment process,
  • Representation in court cases and administrative proceedings concerning real property,
  • Legal services for construction companies, including general contractors: negotiating agreements, representation in court litigation.

Companies law, capital markets

  • Incorporating domestic and foreign companies,
  • Services for shareholders meetings, including in public companies,
  • Comprehensive advisory in terms of capital transactions, including issues of shares and bonds,
  • Drafting and negotiating investment agreements.

New technologies and it law, intellectual property

  • Instruments of intellectual property protection, including agreements transferring authors’ economic rights, license agreements, escrow agreements, and deposit agreements concerning source code or software,
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements for the provision of IT services (including outsourcing and maintenance services) or implementation of IT projects in domestic and international relations, in particular for the major financial institutions, telecommunications operators, and industry,
  • Audits of intellectual property ownership and personal data protection in enterprises,
  • Open source licenses,
  • Terms and conditions for websites, privacy policies, personal data protection.

Mergers and acquisitions, transformations of enterprises

  • Enterprises due diligence,
  • Transactions of sale of enterprises and shares in companies, considering tax and foreign jurisdiction aspects,
  • Mergers, divisions, and transformations of companies,
  • Analyzing planned mergers, drafting and negotiating agreements,
  • Analyzing risks related to mergers and acquisitions.

Restructuring and bankruptcy law

  • Preparing comprehensive restructuring solutions, considering tax aspects,
  • Analyzing if there are reasons to file for bankruptcy,
  • Drafting requests for declaration of bankruptcy, with both liquidation and composition options (including composition proposals),
  • Representation both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings.